Once I won a Presidency, I had a four-year run where I was known as a female leader. Once I had proven my electability and was known as a go-getter who got things done, my responsibilities expanded. During my senior year, I was on the Rose Float Committee until New Year’s. All student body presidents in our city attended a meeting where it was our responsibility to nominate one of us to be the first Student Representative on the Board of Education. They chose me. Every week I went to the LBUSD offices and sat on the board for a few hours. I remember there was an article in the local paper when I’d made a comment about an argument going on between teachers, parents, and the PTA. The article’s title on the front page said, “STUDENT SCOLDS SCHOOL BOARD.”

diary from stude

When I finished high school, I was burned out. I hesitated to raise my hand or toss in my hat, for anything. I resisted any form of volunteering or leadership until three years later when enough encouragement and reasoning finally turned my head. My Dad said, “If you are the president you will probably go to fewer meetings because all the positions of leadership will report to you and you will lead all the separate leaders.” I ran for and won the President’s position in charge of my 165-sorority sisters. Having grown up in my own room since I was 8 years old, I treasured the highly sought out and hard to get single rooms in the house.

The President’s room was right over the front door and had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A simple motivation.

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Thu Aug 27 , 2020
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