10:19a 10/10 and soon I’ll go to yoga. Typing up acupuncture wisdom from Dr Allan Arnette and drinking organic green juice from Lazy Acres called Doctor’s Orders. This one has lots of ginger.

A friend from high school stopped by two days ago. He started talking about how great Trump is because he actually made money these past two years. Huh? We did get to a place where we could talk about other things but in the last two days I’ve been feeling my skin crawl as I watch the KURDS get bombed for Putin’s BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM OUR PRESIDENT. Plus I have my own news that was revealed last week that changes everything that has happened to me in my mind since I was 11 years old. Something that alters how I look at every difficulty and how it was handled. Yep, my life is about to change in a big way. Here are the notes I bolted out of bed to type up…. 

DR A      “…what its going to do to every cell of your body. to begin to realize that the way I see things HAS BEEN CLEAR, while other people have vehemently tried to tell me I’m crazy, I know have final proof. THAT’S A BOOK.

LISA       in a whispering voice, “I’ve been writing a lot this week.”

DR A       “Suddenly the I and a book deal will come in. I want you to write because this is the depth of pain that can cause real words to come out. I want you to do it for you primarily, you can do something with them later but the way you react to (?) in your own mind is what now begins to change. Because you think ur battling something stronger than you, something equal to you, you’re battling something that was just unfair like a…………….. TBC

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