Someday soon, it will all make sense.

Someday soon, I will have peace, even though the world’s fires may continue to burn.

Afraid of dying in the fire of my soul, I discovered what that meant and stopped a behavior that was killing me.

I’ve learned life needs us to weed out that which threatens us and grow what nourishes and strengthens us.

As crazy as everything is external to me, I am melding fragmented, disconnected parts into a cohesive self. 

Understanding why it had to be the way it had to be.

Why at this moment am I particularly reassured? 

Synchronicity. The unexpected phone calls. The accidental timing profoundly explains what otherwise can’t be.

This one’s dream perfectly mirrored what was going on across the country. How connected we all are.

This ladder we climb, each rung a stretch and yet, divinely designed whether we admit it or not.

I hear the Santa Ana winds. Sometimes that sound has distressed me.

Today it calms as I hear more than fear.

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