I keep promising I’ll do it. I got focused before Mom died and was writing for someone else’s eyes but mine. I was hitting deadlines. I was putting this constantly trickling Leader Tape to use in opening piece after piece.

I sit way too much. I read online. I write online. I communicate online. I research online. I have an Orthopedic Memory Foam with Cooling Gel Coccyx Seat Cushion in every room. I have a rebounder but I don’t get on it as often. I need to. I move my flying fingers, but not my Sagittarian thighs. What’s up with that?

I write when I’m either calm or upset. Okay, sometimes when I’m happy but usually I’m dancing and wishing I was 113 pounds and being videotaped… perfectly lithesome Lisa, a loving muse for any I might inspire to be their best.

Okay, must make salad and watch a David Deida Free Q&A online. I asked a question at a Santa Monica Learning Annex class and he kept me standing for twenty minutes. I’ll be back soon.

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