Getting Ready to Write Again

By Lisa Guest March 31, 2021

I keep promising I’ll do it. I got focused before Mom died and was writing for someone else’s eyes but mine. I was hitting deadlines. I was putting this constantly trickling Leader Tape to use in opening piece after piece. I sit way too much. I read online. I write online. I communicate online. I research online. I have an Orthopedic Memory Foam with Cooling Gel Coccyx Seat Cushion in every room. I have a rebounder but I don’t get on it as often. I need to. I move my flying fingers, but not my Sagittarian thighs. What’s up with […]

What kind of leader was I? The Scolding kind.

By Lisa Guest August 12, 2020

Once I won a Presidency, I had a four-year run where I was known as a female leader. Once I had proven my electability and was known as a go-getter who got things done, my responsibilities expanded. During my senior year, I was on the Rose Float Committee until New Year’s. All student body presidents in our city attended a meeting where it was our responsibility to nominate one of us to be the first Student Representative on the Board of Education. They chose me. Every week I went to the LBUSD offices and sat on the board for a […]

2020. Arrival.

By Lisa Guest February 5, 2020

Finally. Goddess who made this blog came for a visit. We had my favorite birthday lunch. I am blessed with many good, deep, long-lasting friendships. Many with considerable soul, fermentation, and patience who understand what life is all about.  Friends who understand me. I have always dealt with the deepest subjects, I just didn’t know at that time that was what I was doing.  I didn’t have the skills or time to set it properly in those moments. Soon, I will. I read old diaries, in which I efforted enough, late in bed with my book, all the anxious activities […]