A diary entry from 1980 – Obsession Satisfied

By Lisa Guest November 19, 2020

August 1980 2:47 pm Tel Aviv I feel quite ridiculous at the moment. Insecure of my recent stupidity. Laughing at myself with a queer smile, because while I acted in a rash and illogical manner, it was only out of an uncontrollable desire to do what I felt and knew to be right–only the timing made it wrong. I just spent the last of my money on books, wonderful books I want to read and need to read–but books nonetheless I will now have to carry around. I’m very hungry and thirsty and have only money for my bus ride […]

Pearl’s Pearls

By Lisa Guest September 2, 2020

My dad constantly says, “The world is your oyster.” His mother’s name is Pearl and she wears pearls. I learn a real pearl is born out of irritation when sand gets nestled in between wet slimy pockets inside a shell that stays snap shut. I don’t know what he means, but I like pearls. They are pretty and they are girl’s balls. My Grandmother is a heroic survivor. At three years of age, her older brother Jack plays with her on the windowsill of their 3rd floor New York tenement building. Suddenly, somehow, she has fallen three flights onto her […]

Dear Daughter

By Lisa Guest August 27, 2020

Dear Daughter,                                                                                                                                                                        August 15, 2020    I’m sorry I disappointed you in the end. In the beginning, […]

What kind of leader was I? The Scolding kind.

By Lisa Guest August 12, 2020

Once I won a Presidency, I had a four-year run where I was known as a female leader. Once I had proven my electability and was known as a go-getter who got things done, my responsibilities expanded. During my senior year, I was on the Rose Float Committee until New Year’s. All student body presidents in our city attended a meeting where it was our responsibility to nominate one of us to be the first Student Representative on the Board of Education. They chose me. Every week I went to the LBUSD offices and sat on the board for a […]


By Lisa Guest July 6, 2020

Leader Tape is what you write when you don’t know how to start a piece. Let’s say you get a writer’s prompt and you really want to write but your brain is saying, “I really don’t.” It might not be the brain that doesn’t want to write. It might be the ego. I am no psychologist but I believe the ego’s job is to stay in control. If the heart needs to heal something and the brain starts spitting out the words, often a voice within might say:           “Shut up.”           […]

2020. Arrival. 

By Lisa Guest February 5, 2020

This was published on February 5th, 2020 but ding dong here published it as a page instead of a post.   Finally. Goddess who made this blog came for a visit. We had my favorite birthday lunch. I am blessed with many good, deep, long-lasting friendships. Many with considerable soul, fermentation, and patience who understand what life is all about.  Friends who understand me. I have always dealt with the deepest subjects, I just didn’t know at that time that was what I was doing.  I didn’t have the skills or time to set it properly in those moments. Soon, […]

Scattered as Sh*t

By Lisa Guest October 15, 2019

Someday soon, it will all make sense. Someday soon, I will have peace, even though the world’s fires may continue to burn. Afraid of dying in the fire of my soul, I discovered what that meant and stopped a behavior that was killing me. I’ve learned life needs us to weed out that which threatens us and grow what nourishes and strengthens us. As crazy as everything is external to me, I am melding fragmented, disconnected parts into a cohesive self.  Understanding why it had to be the way it had to be. Why at this moment am I particularly […]

Update with intention

By Lisa Guest October 10, 2019

10:19a 10/10 and soon I’ll go to yoga. Typing up acupuncture wisdom from Dr Allan Arnette and drinking organic green juice from Lazy Acres called Doctor’s Orders. This one has lots of ginger. A friend from high school stopped by two days ago. He started talking about how great Trump is because he actually made money these past two years. Huh? We did get to a place where we could talk about other things but in the last two days I’ve been feeling my skin crawl as I watch the KURDS get bombed for Putin’s BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM OUR PRESIDENT. […]

Re-entry, Re-intro, Re-ignite

By Lisa Guest October 4, 2019

My name is Lisa Michelle Guest. I am not, as per the teensy tiny video clip above of a two-and-a-half-year-old in a white dress, a child. I have an inner child, but she will have her own category. This new WordPress blog is being created for me by my dear friend (UC Berkeley dorm Priestly Hall fellow inhabitant circa 1978-79) KarenQ, a wonderful fine artist and graphic designer who created for me the cover of my first book which you can see if you click on the ABOUT button that consists of four lines and four square boxes in the […]