“Lisa is a Guest on the planet, aware and articulate about the spiritual and psychological influences that effect our days and affect our mood. Stress reductionist who works on-site in corporate and creative environments, tracking self evolution and writing privately about love transformation. Lisa, like so many real writers, processes life and emotion via putting words on paper or a white screen in the dark.” This was the description formy blog on Huffington Post from 2009 to 2017. Please hover above the last phrase and you will immediately be taken to my collection on HP. I continue on now, here, at THE GUEST IS BACK.

I wrote a book in 2012 and published it in 2013. I was in between cancer treatments and worried that after chemo I wouldn’t have a brain anymore. I hid the book because it was 504 pages, and really, who needed 504 pages of my private letter to God questioning why my love and sex life had unfolded so differently from all my friends and acquaintances. That’s been my battle with writing. I’m a trunk writer as Ralph Keyes described in his 1995 book The Courage to Write in chapter 5 called Finessing Fear starting on page 98. 

If interested in my evolution as a writer, or heck, even as a woman and human being, return back to this link, because eventually I will edit it and make the new copy available. A few weeks ago, I noticed that two used copies of my book were selling on Amazon for over $1800. That cracked me up. As of last week, it was at $199. Still cracking me up. 

Courting Men

Courting Men
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