Scattered as Sh*t

By Lisa Guest October 15, 2019

Someday soon, it will all make sense. Someday soon, I will have peace, even though the world’s fires may continue to burn. Afraid of dying in the fire of my soul, I discovered what that meant and stopped a behavior that was killing me. I’ve learned life needs us to weed out that which threatens us and grow what nourishes and strengthens us. As crazy as everything is external to me, I am melding fragmented, disconnected parts into a cohesive self.  Understanding why it had to be the way it had to be. Why at this moment am I particularly […]

Update with intention

By Lisa Guest October 10, 2019

10:19a 10/10 and soon I’ll go to yoga. Typing up acupuncture wisdom from Dr Allan Arnette and drinking organic green juice from Lazy Acres called Doctor’s Orders. This one has lots of ginger. A friend from high school stopped by two days ago. He started talking about how great Trump is because he actually made money these past two years. Huh? We did get to a place where we could talk about other things but in the last two days I’ve been feeling my skin crawl as I watch the KURDS get bombed for Putin’s BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM OUR PRESIDENT. […]

Re-entry, Re-intro, Re-ignite

By Lisa Guest October 4, 2019

My name is Lisa Michelle Guest. I am not, as per the teensy tiny video clip above of a two-and-a-half-year-old in a white dress, a child. I have an inner child, but she will have her own category. This new WordPress blog is being created for me by my dear friend (UC Berkeley dorm Priestly Hall fellow inhabitant circa 1978-79) KarenQ, a wonderful fine artist and graphic designer who created for me the cover of my first book which you can see if you click on the ABOUT button that consists of four lines and four square boxes in the […]