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The 6th and Final class

hump pillowI think the timing of this class was personally unfortunate for me. My level of patience and attention was tapped as the last few weeks have been extremely tense in every area of my life and I’ve been sick as well almost the entire three weeks.

There is plenty of good information in these sessions; about what gets in the way of welcomed consensus (two people equally excited and ready), what helps people feel more comfortable expanding their sexuality/sensuality, how couples can communicate with each other to enhance the experience for each person. There is tons of logic in each presentation and one would need to listen to each one many times to get the depth and passion behind each session.

The final session was about communication. My folks always said if you learn one thing in life, learn communication because it will take you very far. The concept of positive communication is important… the whole idea of catching more bees with honey than vinegar. The fact that the communication taught during this session to use with a sexual partner/fellow sensual researcher is a technique one can use with one’s boss and children simultaneously. You wouldn’t think it possible, yet its true. Getting oneself into that frame of mind in order to speak so calmly, evenly, and logically (regardless of the situation at hand) is a challenge for me.

My emotions, especially of late, as I try to patiently wait for a new cycle to actually start while still feeling the after effects of last year’s most trying medical cycle, have caused extra impatience and an even more critical nature which doesn’t move things along in a positive fashion. It’s interesting that one would choose honey over vinegar because it tastes better, yet it is the latter which keeps hot flashes to a minimum.

I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the sensual/sexual aristocracy. I do believe as I heard my father say many decades ago, that “lovemaking is an art form.” The folks that teach these classes have taken this thought process seriously and have provided a class that gets one to think, and perhaps move forward in the erotic field of one’s life. Not a bad direction to enter regardless whether there’s a polar vortex or a drought or the house is shaking or the roof is coming off. Sometimes its better to focus within for awhile when everything outside seems so cloudy and crazy.

The Miracle Journey

life bike keep movingWhat do I notice about myself in the long length mirror as versus the small hand held mirror? Can I see myself without a critical eye? Is there an eye of loving acceptance and joyful reunion when stopping the world for a while and just being with me?

Turning off the external sound of a local leaf blower, to touch and sense how my body is doing? My body loves the attention when I slow everything down and don’t forget who is capable of getting me one place to the other, who comes up out of a dream each morning, who is his fantasy and has journeyed through so much pleasure.

To just be, not have to do, not have to push, not have to finish, not have to perform anything but touch and pay attention. Simple instructions. What can be found when one isn’t expecting results or needing outcomes? This body is made for pleasure yet the world demands it produce so many other things necessary for survival. How joyous to touch with no time limit, with no mournful memory attached, with no incurable longing making the moment uninhabitable.

Be here now with this breath, with this finger, with this fine piece of architecture designed only to move me toward mirth. Finally the sensuous lessons move us toward the concept of excitement and anticipation.

This second to the last class was vital for me because someone pursuing me recently insisted a woman had to do Kegel exercises. I politely explained that my experience didn’t align with his book’s theory. He balked at my not buying his head trip that it’s up to the woman to do the work so the man’s size doesn’t matter. He attacked my book and said my skills went to waste with such an archaic and close minded sexual opinion. I felt ungrounded after honestly protecting my boundary.

Then Class #5 said Kegel exercises constrict the energy and deplete our pleasure. They gave scientific reasons why that explained what my intuition knew after years of exploration and delight. I’m not scientific, especially about this subject. I just know what I know and what has worked for me after intense internal study both when isolated and entwined. Our bodies are such a miracle and the sensual sexual journey the best trip imaginable, if one only gets the ticket and says yes.