It’s Valentine’s Day. The back cover is now done.
jpeg of back cover

final cover 6x9

The book is done and will be available for purchase by the end of February.

It was such a relief when I finished it on January 2nd. I was still editing it till the 31st because I wanted to be sure there were no glaring mistakes.

It’s a long book. Books that completely enveloped me in my past, were never long enough. If I liked the world I had entered, I sure as heaven wanted to stay there forever. Each time I read it brought new revelations to my soul.

Last night at a Nia dance class, I truly felt this birth that is happening in my world, emerging in my body. I feel I can move again.

I feel differently about marketing it. I want this book to sneak out there by word-of-mouth. There is a way to get it into the hands of those who have the capacity to move it to other hands that will relish what lies between these covers. Time will tell.

This book has legs. Soon she’ll be on her way.